72 Web Browsers For PC (Windows Computer)

Web Browsers For Windows

If you are searching for a web browser for your windows computer, then you can stop now because this is the biggest list of web browsers for the windows operating system.

Let's take a look at the web browsers....

  • Google Chrome

Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome is one of the best and popular browser in this list. Almost 70 percent of the world's internet population uses Google Chrome as their default browser because of it's great performance. but there is a problem in this browser, this one eats a lot of RAM. So don't use Google chrome on low-end devices.

Chrome Browser Screenshot

  • Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Logo

This is an open-source browser from Mozilla, the most trusted internet company in this planet. It is also known for its great customizability and blazing speed. Unlike Google chrome, it doesn't consume too much RAM.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Screenshot

  • Vivaldi

Vivaldi Logo

Vivaldi is the king of customizability, let's you customize the browser completely. This is a new browser, even though it is still in its infancy, it is pretty good as any other modern browser. It has a lot of cool features, more than any browser has.

Vivaldi Browser Screenshot

  • Maxthon

Maxthon Logo

Maxthon is a twin-engine browser that has 140 million active users (mostly in china), and some remarkable features. Like any other browser, it also has the ability to synchronize bookmarks, tabs, options, the address bar, new tab links, notes, and passwords.

You can create as many tabs as you want, but it doesn't allow you to rip a tab out to create a new browser window. Maxthon's new tab page allows you to add 12-speed dials on one page, and you can create up to 9-speed dial pages.

Maxthon Screenshot

One of the best features in Maxthon is the Resource Sniffer, it allows you to download any videos, audios, or images from the active page.

Maxthon has an inbuilt screenshot feature called "Snap" that allows the user to capture any area they like. If you are going to try the Snap feature, then don't forget to try the Magic Fill -- a multi-account password manager in the browser.

Okay, let's try something, open the Maxthon browser and hold down the right mouse button, then drag the mouse, you should now see a yellowish line being created as you drag the mouse. This tool is called as the "telestrator", you can use it to highlight something on a page.

It also offers a reading mode for text heavy web pages such as blogs and news articles.

  • Opera

Opera Logo

Opera uses Chrome's rendering engine, so there is no real difference between Chrome and Opera at the core technology level. But the features Opera offers are pretty unique and useful. One of them is called "Turbo Mode" which is for those who don't have fast internet connections -- uses caching and page compression service to trim the data to a smaller size.

The mouse gesture feature is the another one, you may think that it is a useless feature at the first try, but if you practice those mouse gestures, you will be able to use opera much faster and efficiently.

Opera Browser Screenshot

The new version of Opera (v38) offers an amazing feature for all the video junkies, it is called "video pop out", allows you to place the video wherever you want on the screen so that you can truly multitask.

  • Safari

Safari Logo

Safari is the best browser for the Mac operating system, there is no doubt about that. But unfortunately Apple is not releasing safari for windows anymore, they stopped it in 2012. If you want to use Safari on windows, you can download it from any software download sites.

Safari offers a feature called Reading List, which allows you to collect webpages and links for you to read later, yes, it sounds a lot like the bookmarks, but it is not.

Apple Safari Browser Screenshot

This browser also has a reader mode that only shows the article's text in a large readable format, it eliminates all the non-essential distracting elements (videos, images, ads). It is a great feature for those who like to read a lot. 

  • Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Logo

Edge is only available for windows 10 users. So if you want to use Edge, you have to upgrade to windows 10. It has a clean flat designed interface, cleaner than most browsers. This browser also has a Reading Mode feature that is similar to a feature found in Firefox and Safari.

Microsoft Edge Screenshot

It also has the Reading List feature found in Safari. Edge also offers a screenshot like feature that allows you to  save the page and edit them with a pen, a highlighter, an eraser, a note box, and a clipping tool.

But it doesn't have the extension feature.

  • Torch

Torch Browser Logo

Like Opera, Torch is also based on Chrome's rendering engine. It looks like a modified version of Google Chrome with a lot of inbuilt extensions (torrent client, video grabber, torch music, online games). If your computer is a low end one, don't use this browser, if you do, it will take a heavy toll on RAM and CPU use.

Torch Browser Screenshot

  • SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey Logo

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one internet suite: meaning, apart from its browsing capabilities, it has an email client, built-in chat, and a WYSIWYG editor. It is the continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite, so the security functions are actually the same as Firefox.

But the user Interface is pretty outdated.

SeaMonkey Browser Screenshot

  • Avant

Avant Browser Logo

Avant is a unique browser that uses IE, Firefox and chrome rendering engines. There are a lot of issues in this browser such as poor memory management and intrusive adblocker notifications. But you can use this browser as an alternative to Internet Explorer.

Avant Browser Screenshot

  • Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer Logo

Deepnet Explorer is fast, but the lack of security features and outdated looks makes it unappealing to the Internet users. It provides the mouse gesture feature, which is similar to a feature found in Opera.

It also has a built-in RSS and a P2P client. but there no synchronization or spell check feature.

Deepnet Explorer Screenshot

  • Dooble

Dooble Browser Logo

If you care about your privacy and security, then use Dooble. It is an open source browser that is specially designed to protect users from prying eyes. In default mode, Dooble doesn't run Flash or Javascript contents, so most of the websites won't work properly.

Dooble Browser Screenshot

Normally Dooble doesn't store anything, if you want the browser to remember something, you should create a master password, otherwise, everything is wiped when you exit the program.

  • Coowon Browser

Coowon Browser Logo

Coowon Browser is chrome based browser for Gamers. This piece of software has a lot of features such as Screen capture, Keyboard simulator, Mutli-login tab, Mouse Gestures and etc.

Keyboard simulator is a very useful feature that allows you to play those games which do not support gamepad directly. One of the best features in this browser  is the"Record & Play" feature, designed for games that require repetitive actions, such as mouse clicks.

Coowon Browser Screenshot

Record and play feature helps you capture mouse movements and clicks, and play them gradually or in a loop, meaning you can automate the gameplay.

  • BlackHawk

BlackHawk Logo

BlackHawk is a firefox based browser developed by NetGate Technologies. There are no special features in this browser, it is just an alternative to the Mozilla Firefox.

  • NetGroove

NetGroove Logo

NetGroove is a portable browser based on IE engine. It is lightweight, fast, and secure. Since it is a portable software, it doesn't leave any trace of browsing on your PC.

  • Epic

Epic Browser Logo

Epic browser is the Chrome browser with 3 inbuilt extensions. Those extensions can help you to protect your privacy. The first one is a proxy extension, and the second one is a tracker monitor and blocker, and then the third one is a media downloader. Last one is not going to work on YouTube because they already blocked everyone from downloading YouTube videos.

  • QtWeb

QtWeb Browser Logo

QtWeb is an open source browser with a unique user interface. It is based on Nokia's Qt framework and Chrome's WebKit rendering engine. And, it requires no installation, you can take it on a USB drive.

QtWeb Browser Screenshot

It also allows you to change the user agent and the application style.

  • Browzar

Browzar Browser Logo

Browzar is a small disposable privacy browser. It is probably the smallest browser in the world. You don't need to install this software on your computer, just download and run it.

Browzar Browser Screenshot

The only problem, it has an outdated UI, a crappy one.

  • Wyzo

Wyzo Browser Logo

When you combine Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, you get Wyzo browser! It is built on firefox, but the design is inspired from the Chrome.

Wyzo Browser Screenshot

If you want a browser with superfast download capabilities, then you should try Wyzo, it is faster than any browser because it supports multi-sourced downloads. Wyzo also has a built-in BitTorrent client that allows you to download torrent files as you download any other files.

It also allows you to navigate the web using mouse gestures.

  • SlimBrowser

SlimBrowser Logo

SlimBrowser is an IE based browser that offers a lot of useful features. It offers a QuickFill Form Filler (Password Manager), a Multithreaded Download Manager, an Ad blocker, a Proxy Switcher, and a lot of skins to change the browser appearance.

SlimBrowser Screenshot

This browser also allows the users to save a screenshot of a whole page or a selected area of the browser window.

  • Superbird

Superbird Logo

Superbird is just an alternative to the Google Chrome. I can't see any difference between Chrome and Superbird, but its official website says that "Superbird doesn't send data to Google" and "Low memory usage" and a lot of things. According to my testing results, there is no "low memory usage", it is same as the Chrome.

Superbird Screenshot

  • Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon Logo

Comodo IceDragon is a security-focused browser built on Firefox's code. This browser uses Comodo's secure DNS servers instead of using your ISP's servers to make your browsing more secure and easy.

Comodo IceDragon Screenshot

It has a unique feature called "Virtual Mode" that allows you to run the browser in a virtual environment that is completely isolated from the rest of the system, so even if you visit a website with malware, it can't infect your computer. But this feature requires Comodo Internet Security.

  • Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon Logo

Comodo Dragon has the same features of the Comodo IceDragon. The only difference is, Comodo Dragon is built on Chromium.

Comodo Dragon screenshot

  • Lunascape

Lunascape Browser Logo

Lunascape is a triple engine browser (Trident, Gecko, WebKit) that has been downloaded a total of more than 20 million times by users in 196 different countries. It allows you to manually switch the rendering engines in just one click.

Lunascape Browser Screenshot

There is a feature in Lunascape called "cascade view" that allows the users to display the contents of open tabs side by side in the same window. It also allows you to display your tabs in multiple rows.

  • Midori

Midori Browser Logo

Midori is a simple easy to use browser designed for those who want to protect their privacy. It has highly customizable settings, you can use that to change the browser however you want.

Midori Browser Screenshot

  • Yandex

Yandex Browser Logo

Yandex is a clean looking browser (much like Edge) based on Chromium open source project. The turbo mode in this browser allows the slow connection users to browse the web much faster, just like the feature found in Opera.

Yandex Browser Screenshot

  • QupZilla

QupZilla Browser Logo

QupZilla is a lightweight browser that uses QtWebEngine. It has a built in ad-blocker to protect the users from annoying ads. It also has all the features and settings a modern browser must have.

  • K-Meleon

K-Meleon Browser Logo

K-Meleon is a highly customizable open source browser based on the Gecko layout engine. This browser is extremely fast and easy to use.

  • Pale Moon

Pale Moon Browser Logo

Pale Moon is an open source browser based on Goanna web engine. It has the stability of Firefox and the speed of Chrome. It is also very low on CPU and RAM usage.

  • Waterfox

Waterfox Browser Logo

Waterfox is a Mozilla Firefox-based browser created by a 16-year-old student. It is a 64-bit browser, and it allows you to run any add-on you want without sending data to Mozilla or the Waterfox project.

Waterfox Browser Screenshot

  • Tor Browser

Tor Browser Logo

Tor Browser is not an ordinary browser, it is specially designed to protect users privacy by bouncing their communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. In other words, it lets you access the Tor network that can prevent others from watching your internet activities.

Tor Browser Screenshot

  • Iceweasel

Iceweasel Browser Logo

Iceweasel is a Firefox-based browser, it is actually the Firefox, just the name and logo is different.

Iceweasel Browser Screenshot

  • SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron Browser Logo

SRWare Iron is a chrome based browser with some improvements like built-in ad-blocker, more preview thumbs,  and strong privacy settings.

SRWare Iron Browser Screenshot

  • Lynx Browser

Lynx Browser Logo

Lynx Browser is a highly configurable text only browser. It is the oldest web browser currently in general use and development.

Lynx Browser Screenshot

  • UC Browser

UC Browser Logo

UC Browser offers high-speed downloads, but if you are using a low-end device, then you should not use this browser because it consumes too much RAM and CPU. It offers a lot of features including cloud download and advanced compression.

UC Browser Screenshot

  • Icecat

Icecat Browser Logo

Icecat browser is built on the same kernel as Mozilla Firefox. It has several inbuilt extensions that can increase the stability of the browser and block privacy trackers. Like Firefox, Icecat also supports intense customization.

  • Sleipnir

Sleipnir Browser Logo

Sleipnir has a sleek and unique user interface. It doesn't have a URL bar, in place of that Sleipnir displays a horizontally scrolling array of thumbnailed tabs. This browser has several features such as mouse gestures, auto fill, password manager and etc.

Sleipnir Browser Screenshot

  • Cyberfox

Cyberfox Browser Logo

Cyberfox is like an improved version of Firefox. It is faster and has several features that you might find very useful such as the ability to close all tabs with a single click, enable or disable the new tab page, turn off automatic loading of pictures on the web, and etc.

  • Otter Browser

Otter Browser Logo

Otter Browser is an open-source web browser that looks a lot like the classic Opera web browser. It offers a content blocker, a cookie manager, customizable GUI, and the mouse gesture feature.

Otter Browser Screenshot

  • Brave Browser

Brave Browser Logo

Brave Browser has several interesting features, it has a built-in ad blocker, HTTPS everywhere extension, and a special feature that no browser has -- it can replace the ads in the websites with less obtrusive ads, and the interesting part is that the revenue from these ads is split into three portions. 70% to the websites, brave keeps 15 percent and 15 percent for the user.

  • Citrio Browser

Citrio Browser Logo

Citrio has built in torrent client, yes, a torrent client in a web browser, a smart download manager, a video downloader, and a smart proxy, but according to recent reports, this browser is not reliable as it seems.

  • Iridium Browser

Iridium Browser Logo

Iridium Browser is a chrome-based privacy enhanced browser. According to the developers, the automatic transmission of partial queries, keywords, metrics to central services is prevented and only occurs with the approval of the user.

  • CoolNovo Browser

CoolNovo Browser Logo

CoolNovo Browser is an enhanced version of chrome that offers several useful features such as cloud saving, mouse gestures, super drag and an improved download manager.

CoolNovo Browser Screenshot

  • Liri Browser

Liri Browser Logo

Liri Browser uses QtWebEngine, which, in turn, is based on Chromium. Therefore, Liri is compatible with the latest web standards and can load modern web pages in seconds. It has a material designed interface, and theme-color support which allows every web-developer to choose a color and Liri will match it. Also, it's source code viewer, it's amazing, Liri colors and arranges the codes to make them readable.

Liri Browser Screenshot

  • Xombrero

Xombrero Logo

Xombrero is a lightweight full featured browser that allows you to browse the web without affecting the system's performance. It uses the Webkit engine and supports mouseless browsing.

  • Dillo Browser

Dillo Browser Logo

Dillo browser is made for older or slower computers and embedded systems. It only supports plain HTML/XHTML (with CSS) and images over HTTP. Yes, no scripting.

Dillo Browser Screenshot

  • Slimjet

Slimjet Browser Logo

Slimjet is a web browser that is based on the open-source Chromium project. This browser has One-click Facebook integration that allows you to share your online activities on facebook with a single click.

Slimjet Browser Screenshot

It also allows the user to download online streaming videos (YouTube download don't work anymore). There are also several features in this browser that you might find useful: QuickFill form filler, Photo editor, Proxy switcher, Auto refresh web page, and etc.

  • Aurora Browser

Aurora Browser Logo

Aurora Browser is a lightweight browser with a lot of cool features. It allows you to place the online streaming video wherever you want on the screen, which is similar to a feature found in Opera.

Aurora Browser Screenshot

Aurora also has a Photo Magnifier function that allows the users to see the original image of a thumbnail just by hovering the mouse over it. This browser creates a faster and secure browsing experience by blocking all the ads.

  • CLIQZ Browser

CLIQZ Browser Logo

CLIQZ is probably the first browser with a built-in quick search. And the anti-tracking function protects your privacy 24/7. CLIQZ is built on the Firefox's code, so it has all the security features of the Mozilla Firefox.

CLIQZ Browser Screenshot

  • 360 Browser

360 Browser Logo

360 Browser is a dual engine browser that features ad-blocking and anti-phishing capabilities. Its anti-phishing capabilities are excellent and it is obviously a noteworthy rival to the popular browsers.

  • Webian Shell

Webian Shell Logo

Webian Shell browser is a combination of the essential elements of your web browser, desktop environment, and window manager. It is completely open source and is built on Mozilla Chromeless.

  • Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser Logo

Baidu Browser is a chromium based browser that has a built-in torrent client, a screen capture tool, and a smart media grabber. Since it is based on chromium, you can use chrome's themes, apps and extension to enhance the browsing experience even more.

Baidu Browser Screenshot

  • Project Maelstrom

Project Maelstrom Logo

Project Maelstrom is a P2P powered browser from BitTorrent. It is a chromium based browser, but BitTorrent is not officially supporting Chrome extensions and apps from the Web Store.

Project Maelstrom Screenshot

If the web is relied on BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing technology, then accessing some content from the web will be faster and easier.

  • Internet Surfboard

Internet Surfboard Browser Logo

Internet Surfboard is a user-friendly browser. Unlike many other browsers, it does not leave any information about visited websites on your hard disk.

  • CometBird

CometBird Browser Logo

CometBird is like the Firefox browser with several interesting features. It allows you to download any media (video, audio, images) on the web page.

CometBird Browser Screenshot

  • GreenBrowser

GreenBrowser Logo

GreenBrowser is a highly configurable browser that has a lot of features such as AD Filter, Mouse Gesture, Mouse Drag, Auto Fill Form, Auto Scroll, Auto Refresh, Auto Save, Auto Hide, Speed Dial and etc.

GreenBrowser Screenshot

  • Polarity Browser

Polarity Browser Logo

Polarity Browser is a feature-packed browser that comes with a built in with Adblock function. It uses both Chromium and Trident to render pages.

  • Tungsten Browser

Tungsten Browser Logo

Tungsten is a simple double-engine (Blink and Trident) browser that can compete with most of the modern browsers. It allows tab grouping, meaning if you drag a tab and drop to the center of another tab, Tungsten creates a group. It also allows you to create multi-level groups.

Tungsten Browser Screenshot

It can also split tabs vertically or horizontally. Tungsten also offers several other features such as Mouse gestures, Local Folder Browsing, and etc.

  • WhiteHat Aviator

WhiteHat Aviator Logo

Aviator is a Chromium-based browser that focuses on the security. But, within the hours of its release, Google engineers publicly revealed a number of dangerous vulnerabilities in it.

WhiteHat Aviator Screenshot

In a blog post dated 9 Jan 2015, Google Chrome security employee Justin Schuh said, "You probably shouldn't be using the WhiteHat Aviator browser if you're concerned about security and privacy."

(Aviator was a complete failure.)

  • Avira Scout

Avira Scout Logo

Avira Scout focuses on the security and privacy of the user. It automatically blocks infected and phishing websites, and also forces websites to use the "https" protocol. That means, when you are using Avira scout, you are actually increasing your security level by almost 50 percent.

Avira Scout Screenshot

Avira Scout has a "no-track" functionality that can block third parties from monitoring your online activities. It is also one of the few browsers that do not collect user data.

  • Orbitum Browser

Orbitum Browser Logo

Orbitum is a browser that comes with a built-in social chat function. It can also download torrent files and play torrent videos as they are being downloaded.

  • Pampa Browser

Pampa Browser Logo

Pampa Browser allows you to view two web pages in the same window, capture screenshots, and download streaming media. It is built on the Gecko kernel like Firefox. Pampa offers a phishing filter that protects you from dangerous websites.

Pampa Browser Screenshot

  • Spark Security Browser

Spark Security Browser Logo

Spark Security Browser is a security-focused browser that offers several handy features. This chromium based browser can block ads, download torrents, download streaming videos, and capture screen.

Spark Security Browser Screenshot

Spark Security Browser has a component called "Security Center" that can assess the security status of the computer and offer some suggestions for strengthening it.

  • Light Web Browser

Light Web Browser Logo

As it's name says, it is a lightweight browser based on  Mozilla source code. It is fast, and uses less memory and CPU.

Light Web Browser Screenshot

  • Html Viewer 3

Html Viewer is a powerful and minimalist web browser that uses Tkhtml3 rendering engine. It also doesn't store any data in the file system, thus protects your privacy.

  • Sandcat Browser

Sandcat Browser Logo

Sandcat Browser is also called as the Pentesters Browser because this browser is capable security testing. It is a chromium based browser and uses the Lua programming language to provide extensions and scripting support.

Sandcat Browser Screenshot

Sandcat has several Pentest-tools such as Fuzzer, Script Runner, HTTP & XHR Editors, Request Loader, Tor, Cookie and Cache Viewer, HTTP Brute Forcer, Ruby Console, and etc.

  • TheWorld Browser

TheWorld Browser Logo

TheWorld Browser is an easy-to-use browser that offers high-speed browsing, advanced search bar suggestions, tab grouping, and private browsing. It is also optimized a lot for memory release.

TheWorld Browser Screenshot

  • Element Browser

Element Browser Logo

Element Browser has a clutter free user interface and a handful of cool features -- Web Apps Dock, DOM Inspector, Strict Standards Mode, Anti-phishing, and Anti-malware.

Element Browser Screenshot

  • Play3 browser

Play3 browser Logo

Play3 browser is a simple browser app that can only browse the web, no special features, not even the bookmarks.

  • Risingware Browser

Risingware Browser Logo

Risingware Browser is based on the Trident (IE) layout engine. It's fast and very light.

  • Usejump Browser

Usejump Browser Logo

Usejump is a secure browser that is based on Webkit rendering engine. It makes your browsing more secure and fast by combining peer-to-peer and encryption technologies. It can also help you to bypass filtering and censorship.

  • Hydra Browser

Hydra Browser Logo

Hydra Browser uses Internet Explorer’s engine, Trident to render pages. It can automatically refresh a page at a user-defined time, download and save youtube videos, block ads and pop-ups, detect and block dangerous web pages, and many more.

That's all. I hope you liked this list. Did you read the whole article? If you did, then YOU ARE FABULOUS!!

Also, don't forget to share this article with your friends and followers..... Peace out....

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