12 Best Free Photo Editing Apps For Android

Best Free Photo Editing Apps For Android

Today you are going to see best free photo editing android apps.

Let's jump right into the list...

  • Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express Logo

This mobile version of Adobe Photoshop is not the exact replica of the desktop version. It lacks a lot of interesting features, but it provides almost all the tools that you need for creating good looking images.

Adobe Photoshop Express Screenshots
Adobe Photoshop Express Screenshots

It allows you to crop, straighten, rotate, flip, defog and share your photos. Adobe Photoshop Express also has the ability to remove red eye, pet eye, spots, dirt, noise and dust from your pictures. This app also offers 20+ eye-catching photo effects that can alter the mood of the images.

It also allows you to import and edit photos in RAW format, and balance out colors in just one click.

  • Pixlr

Pixlr Logo

Pixlr is a wonderful photo editor app for novice users. It can turn your photos into a pencil drawing, or an ink sketch, or a poster. It is very easy to create photo collages with Pixlr, just select the images and then choose a layout, that's all.

Pixlr App Screenshots
Pixlr Screenshots

Using Double Exposure, you can blend two photos and get a unique effect, you should try this function, it's pretty good... There are several interesting functions that can do some pretty amazing stuff such as removing blemishes and red eyes, whitening teeth, amplifying or reducing the tone, blurring image parts, and more.

  • PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio Logo

PicsArt Photo Studio is probably the most popular photo editor in this list. It is very easy to use, and you don't need any special skills to create good looking images in PicsArt. This app has hundreds of photo editing tools and a lot of customizable filters and effects that you can find only in professional photo editing programs.

PicsArt Photo Studio Screenshots
PicsArt Photo Studio Screenshots

The brush tool in this app is so advanced and it is similar to the one found in Adobe Photoshop. PicsArt also allows you to create animated gif and videos. The app also offers thousands of themed clipart images, frames, stickers, and collage frames.

  • Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro Logo

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro doesn't have a lot of editing tools, but it is filled with unique effects and filters. It automatically identifies blemish and removes it for you in one tap. With this, you can turn any selfie into a fashion magazine cover photo.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro Screenshots
Bonfire Photo Editor Pro Screenshots

Bonfire contains 16 different tone filters, HDR filters (black and white), unique funk filters, magnifying glass filters, pop art filters, watercolor filters, and several excellent artistic painting effects.

  • AirBrush

AirBrush Logo

AirBrush is the best tool for editing selfies. You can remove pimples and unwanted spots with the tap of a finger, and the teeth whitening function in this app is so good that you will look like you came straight from a dentist!

AirBrush Screenshots
AirBrush Screenshots

The AirBrush has an amazing feature called "smooth" that you can use to get a perfect, glowing complexion without using perfect lighting or beauty products. You can also enhance your eyes with the "brighten" function.

I've managed to create Bokeh effect on some of my photos with this app, all I used is the "Blur" tool. It also allows you to reshape and resize any parts of the image.

  • Snapseed

Snapseed Logo

Snapseed is a photo editing app from Google that supports raw image editing. The latest version offers the following tools:
  • Tune image: Allows you to change the brightness, saturation, contrast, ambience, shadows, highlights, and warmth of the image.
  • Details: Allows you to change the structure and the sharpness.
  • Crop: Allows you to crop the image.
  • Rotate: Allows you to rotate or flip the image.
  • Transform:  Adjust perspective across the vertical and horizontal axis, then fill in empty areas after rotation.
  • Brush: Allows you to apply effects to regions of an image.
  • Healing: Patch areas of an image, it can also be used to remove  dust and dirt from the image without leaving a trace.
  • Vignette: Converts any image into a vignette.
  • Text: Allows you to add text.
  • Face tool: Brings focus to faces, smoothen skin, and add clarity to eyes.
  • Perspective tool: Straighten lines in your images by removing the perspective effect from the original images.
  • White Balance tool: Allows you to balance colors with pinpoint precision via an eye dropper tool.
Snapseed Screenshots
Snapseed Screenshots

There are some awesome filters in this app such as Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, Tonal Contrast, HDR Scape, Drama, Grunge, Grainy film, Vintage, Retrolux, Noir, Black & White, and Frames.

  • Cupslice Photo Editor

Cupslice Photo Editor Logo

Cupslice offers a lot of filters, frames, and stickers. Most of the filters are highly customizable, so you don't need more than one filter to create an amazing photo. You can also add custom texts on the image by using this app.

Cupslice Photo Editor Screenshots
Cupslice Photo Editor Screenshots

Like any other photo editing app, it also allows you to crop and rotate images. If you want to change the brightness or contrast or saturation, just use the "ADJUST" function.

  • PhotoDirector Photo Editor

PhotoDirector Photo Editor Logo

PhotoDirector gives you a set of tools, filters, and effects that can turn your everyday pics into an artwork. It can remove photobombers or unwanted objects from your photo without leaving a trace -- it is similar to the "content aware" function found in Adobe Photoshop.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor Screenshots
PhotoDirector Photo Editor Screenshots

The "Basic Edit" tool offers 4 functions: Crop, Rotate, Horizontal flip and Vertical Flip. The app has a unique tool called "Blender", which is actually the closest thing to layer editing, lets you add an extra image or effect layer to your photo.

With the help of this app, you can tweak sharpness, hue, saturation, lightness and white balance, and create a bokeh or a tilt-shift effect using the Linear and radial blur tools. It also allows you to create collages very quickly.

  • Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor Logo

Fotor is not just a photo editor, but also a sharing and sale platform that allows amateur photographers and enthusiasts to win prizes, profits, and fame. It has 6 photo-taking modes: Grid, Big Button, Burst, Timer, Stabilizer, and Square.

Fotor Photo Editor Screenshots
Fotor Photo Editor Screenshots

The "Scenes" function is so helpful that it can even fix the lighting problems in your photos. Fotor contains a massive range of effects and filters, so you can create an almost unlimited number of styles for your photos. And, you can use the "Focus" feature if you want to create bokeh effect on your photos.

It also allows you to create two different styles of collages: Classic and Magazine.

Whoever you are, I think you'll love the stickers, filters, and fonts collection in this app, it is weekly updated!

  • Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary Logo

Aviary's Photo Editor is a powerful app that allows you to do many things such as drawing, text insertion, adding effects, filters, frames, and stickers in your photos. It can also enhance your photos in a single tap.

Aviary's Photo Editor Screenshots
Aviary's Photo Editor Screenshots

Compared to other apps in this list, this one has a very good collection of free effects, stickers, frames, and overlays. I have also tried some paid stickers and effects, they are gooood!

Aviary also offers a unique function called "Meme" that allows you to create Memes very quickly. With this app, you can remove blemishes, red eyes, and create bokeh and vignette effects, and whiten teeth and also crop your photos however you want.

  • Photo Editor

Photo Editor Logo

Photo Editor is a simple and super efficient app with many interesting and unique features. It offers many effects and filters including gamma correction, brightness, auto contrast, auto tone, color balance, color replace, dodge, burn, vivid, sharpen and etc.

Photo Editor Screenshots
Photo Editor Screenshots

It also has a powerful function called "Curves" that can adjust tones to brighten, darken, or add contrast or shift colours, but unfortunately, this function is underrated. This app also allows you to draw on the images.

Photo Editor also has the Clone stamping feature found in photoshop.

  • FotoRus Photo Editor

FotoRus Photo Editor Logo

FotoRus is actually a very good photo editing app for females. It has a highly customizable collage maker, hundreds of stickers with funny, cute and girly themes, and over a dozen photo editing functions.

FotoRus Photo Editor Screenshots
FotoRus Photo Editor Screenshots

It allows you to create a secret photo album and protect it from others. FotoRus also has a real-time selfie camera that lets you take perfect looking selfies. Like most of the photo editing apps, it can also add texts on your photos. This app can create amazing photos for your Instagram, Ladies!

That's all. I hope you liked this list. If you did, please share this article with your friends....

Peace out...

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